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Streamline buying, sales and marketing online

Digital marketing and sales solutions for B2B Success


New times, new tactics

Buyers no longer trust companies as they used to, and this is radically changing B2B buying, sales, and marketing. Explore three top methods through which we help your business thrive in the digital rulebook transformation, where previous approaches might not cut it anymore.


Shift the focus from selling to the ease of buying

Help your customer and ease B2B buying online with comparison and quotation tools, demos, and effective contact methods.



Make the most of customer referrals

Customers no longer trust companies and salespeople as before. Instead, they rely on recommendations from colleagues and friends. Leverage these online and showcase customer cases and videos across all channels.



Choose the best tools and say no to custom code

When content and digital channels are easy to maintain, collaboration between sales and marketing flows seamlessly. No need for custom coding saves time, money, and effort.

What our customers say


Rethinking the i-doit buying experience

"With Plot and HubSpot, we shifted the focus to the buying experience and streamlining the buying process."

Stefan Böttcher, CEO



Leipurin lead generation and webinars

"We have gained many participants, great new leads, and commercially significant benefits."

Mika Coles, marketing director


Complete website renewal for MPS

"Plot helped us to package services to ensure a cohesive and consistent customer experience."

Elina Koskela, CEO at MPS Enterprises


Our services

Easier B2B buying

We specialize in customizing websites of any size to meet the unique needs of B2B transactions. Our service streamlines your buying process with a customer-friendly approach, tailored to the specific requirements of B2B commerce.


From design and implementation to ongoing support. Get websites that are optimized for B2B excellence, generate leads and drive revenue, featuring high-quality content, visual design, great customer and buying experience.

Your HubSpot partner

We help you set up and use HubSpot's powerful marketing and sales tools to reach your target audience, generate leads, and close deals seamlessly.

Content partner

Creating versatile, customer-oriented content across various channels, including email marketing, blog posts, PowerPoint presentations, videos, search engine-friendly website texts, and more.

Digital-first branding and design

Clarify and amplify your brand image. We ensure a consistent and easy to maintain digital brand presence across all channels.

Virtual events and webinars

Planning and execution from goals to follow-up. You'll get a successful experience for your customers, deeper client relationships, more leads, and commercial benefits.

Customer cases


Website Redesign with HubSpot for MPS

With our help, MPS conducted a major cleanup – improving the website's customer experience, messaging, and service packaging. The biggest change was done with HubSpot by integrating the website with sales, marketing, and customer management.


7 tips to make buying easier

* 1 *

Clearly communicate the problem your product or service solves and the benefits customers gain.

* 2 *

Ensure consistency across all content.

* 3 *

Assist the buyer at each stage of the buying journey.

* 4 *

Provide clear signposts along the buyer's journey, recognizing each buyer has a unique path.

* 5 *

Support buying with self-service tools
(comparison, quote compilation, pricing calculator).

* 6 *

Ensure pricing information is readily available.

* 7 *

Maintain easily accessible contact information



Our core team

Kimmo Vanhakan­gas

Director, digital B2B buying and sales consulting
+358 45 4909 790

Antoine Verhaverbeke

Designer, UI / UX

Marjaana Laakkonen

Designer, content editor


Joakim Enegren

Copywriter, Swedish
+358 40 763 6222




Contact us

Plot is a digital marketing agency located in Kalasatama, Helsinki. We specialize in helping B2B businesses, ranging from mid-sized companies to startups. We are a certified HubSpot partner.

If you're looking for a practical approach to boost your company's sales through digital marketing, please leave your contact details in the form, reach out to Kimmo directly, or schedule a meeting online.



Kimmo Vanhakangas
+358 45 4909 790